Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: The Path to Choosing the Best Plan [Infographic]

November 29, 2018

It’s important for you to stay healthy as you age.


Finding the best Medicare plan for your needs is a key component to avoiding illness and managing your health.

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is here. It’s time to review your coverage and make any necessary changes – or sign up for the first time.

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve already enrolled in Medicare for the first time, you may benefit from some help.

An insurance advisor will be able to answer your questions, but in the meantime, here’s a handy visual guide that will help you navigate choosing a Medicare plan.

It’s always a good idea to go over your options with an expert – especially during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

Give us a call at InsureOne benefits today and let us help you find the perfect Medicare plan for your unique needs.

Which part of choosing a Medicare plan is the most confusing for you?

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