Finding the Right Health Care Coverage: Don’t Go it Alone

May 25, 2017

When your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic because he’s an expert on all the little details that go into making a car run smoothly.


When you’re sick, you go to a doctor because he’s an expert on the intricacies of the human body and knows just what to do to get you feeling better.

Navigating the healthcare insurance landscape can be a bumpy journey.

There’s a lot to understand and making the wrong choice can have hefty repercussions.

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation without adequate coverage when you need it most  –  or without an expert to guide you along the way.

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Getting the right assistance

Without help, you risk ending up with insurance coverage that doesn’t suit your needs. You may have coverage that you don’t need or not be covered for something that’s vital.

There are actually quite a few reasons to seek out the advice of someone who knows their stuff when it’s time to purchase health care insurance.

They have pricing and coverage information at their fingertips

An independent insurance agent has the ability to check the prices and coverage options from hundreds of different companies  –  at the click of a mouse. It would be nearly impossible to obtain that amount of information by doing the research on your own.


An insurance broker will generally be able to help you with not only health insurance but also severe other kinds of insurance you need. It eliminates your need to seek out policies from many different places.

Insurance is tricky

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing the services of an independent agent is that you get to take advantage of their extensive knowledge. Parsing out the details of policies can be confusing. An agent not only understands those details but can relay them to you in a way that you will understand. This is what they do every day so they’re very comfortable putting complex concepts into layman’s terms.

They’re in it for the long haul

If you’re buying coverage online, you won’t be making any personal connections that will count for a lot over time. When you need to change some of your coverage or an issue arises, you can count on your independent broker to help you, even if it’s years down the road. A personal touch goes a long way in making you feel comfortable and confident that your best interest matters.

Security of personal information

As technology advances, those that want to illegally access your personal information have become savvier than ever. People tend to feel that their data is safer when they are working one-on-one with an actual person as opposed to a random customer service agent over the telephone or purchasing their insurance online.

Intervene on your behalf

It’s not uncommon to receive an Explanation of Benefits letter in the mail letting you know that a supposedly covered procedure or medication claim was denied. When an issue comes up, it’s a benefit to have someone who’s willing to go to bat for you. An independent agent will be your advocate when there is any kind of discrepancy. They will have much more sway in the situation than you would on your own.

You wouldn’t try to remove your own appendix or change your own transmission, right?

You trust a doctor or a mechanic to fix these issues for you because they’re experts in their fields.

Trusting your health care coverage to an insurance expert just makes sense.

Have you worked with an independent insurance agent recently? What was your experience like?