2017: The Year of Health Insurance Changes and What They Mean for You

November 21, 2016

Women’s right to vote, the abolishment of slavery, the assassination of Martin Luther King and JFK  –  these are just a few of the events that significantly shifted our culture.


In 2017, changes in health insurance will affect Ohioans perhaps like no health insurance changes that have come before it.

If you purchase individual health insurance on the Marketplace, carriers are bringing changes down the pipeline that may directly affect your bottom line, your quality of care, and your family’s livelihood.

Change is in the air

That’s because carriers like Aetna, United Healthcare and Medical Mutual, long-time providers of good health insurance coverage in Ohio, are making sweeping changes to their policies, coverage and business model.

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Medical Mutual

It’s possible that you won’t be affected by the changes. Medical Mutual, for example, will keep coverage as-is for individual insurance policyholders living in 9 Northern Ohio counties.

But if you have a Medical Mutual Marketplace plan for yourself or your family, and you live in any of the other counties in Ohio, you will face some kind of change.

For example:

  • For 2017, Medical Mutual will not be offering individual health insurance plans in 55 designated counties. Current policyholders will need to enroll in a new plan from a different carrier by December 15, 2016.
  • In 24 counties, the coverage will change in some way. You will be able to maintain your Medical Mutual individual health insurance coverage, but it won’t be the same.

Aetna and United Healthcare

In other news, larger carriers like Aetna and United Healthcare will no longer provide coverage to customers in Ohio. So if you’ve been a customer of these carriers, you’ll definitely have to look for another health insurance policy on the Marketplace.

How to respond to changes in health insurance

The good news is, you have time to look for new coverage  –  and find out if and how you’ll be affected.

Work with a trusted health insurance advisor to find out what to do next. The most important step you can take, however, is to get started. If you’re losing coverage altogether, and you don’t secure new health insurance, come January 1, 2017, your current policy could be void. Meaning, you won’t have any health insurance!

How to get help

Call InsureOne Benefits today to get started. Our team will walk you through your existing Medical Mutual, Aetna or United Healthcare policy and talk to you about your options. We will help you identify your healthcare needs and goals, and then match those to a policy that works with your budget. We may even be able to find you better coverage than you had before.

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